The Lighthouse...

A uniquely atmospheric game of ships, collision avoidance, sea monsters and fog.

Can you guide your ships to safety and survive the night?

Or will the fearsome creatures of the deep, drag your ships down to the crushing depths...

Follow the light

Use the light to guide sea vessels to safety. These range from small, fast moving speedboats and luxury yachts, to cruisers and mega tankers.

Avoid collisions with other vessels, rocks, mines and whirlpools! Drive back the fog, before it surrounds the level!

Hazards of the deep

Beware of creatures that haunt the depths, huge Megalodon sharks and colossal squid will hunt your vessels!

Ghost ships and Sirens will drive them onto the rocks! Fight back with flares, foghorn blasts, cannons and depth charges!


Cutting-edge 3D visuals.

30 challenging and diverse levels ranging from single to multi-screen environments.

Incredible cinematic music and sound effects. The Lighthouse is best played with headphones.

GameCenter and OpenFeint leader boards and achievements.