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New features for 2015:

  • Indian Domestic System: Play as any one of 27 Indian Domestic teams in all three match formats.
  • Improved Australian Contracts: With bidding between states and reserve overseas players.
  • Versus International Stats: Career stats for each player against each country.
  • New Coaching Options: New fielding and wicket keeping coaching system.
  • Pitch Map and Beehive: Additional ball-by-ball graphical stats displays.
  • Improved Match Engine: Modelling aggression and changes to 1-day and first class games.
  • New Stadiums: Five Australian and eight English international grounds.
  • Classic England vs Australia Scenarios: Re-eact any one of six test series, home or away.
  • Improved Fonts and Interface: Refreshed interface and sharper graphics on all displays.
  • Improved 3D Graphics: New rendering and lighting system, including depth of field, shadows and animated crowd.
  • Complete Statistical Update: Including every current player and new all-time-greats.
  • Sort by Column in Player Records and Squad Views: Including multiple sorts (e.g. batting average and strike rate).
  • 2nd Team Data: Separate 3 day, 1 day and 20 over formats.
  • Batting Aggression Column: In personal and combined views.
  • Keyboard Control System: Including batting keyboard controls.
  • Improved Graphics Support:Support for DirectX graphics.
  • Cloud save: Platform integration of Dropbox.
  • Save/Load for International Squads.
  • New Achievements and Leaderboards.