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Gather your grunts soldier!

Join Commander Zod in his battle for space supremacy in this faithfully remastered version of the classic action strategy, now available on the Mac App Store and Blackberry Playbook!

Mac and Playbook owners can now experience the real time rush and addiction of strategic warfare from the plains of a totally free environment in the compelling reworking of Z: The Game, the classic action strategy from The Bitmap Brothers.

The seminal Bitmap title for Mac has been remastered to capture the essence of the breathtaking race to capture territory and resources. Z: The Game features a unique score that follows the pulse-pounding action and real-time flow of the battle, along with the offbeat humour delivered through movie intros and outros, which defined Z as one of the definitive strategy games of its era.

Take control of an army of six robot soldier types, including the faithful grunt, and slug it out in a land grab for space supremacy across five planets, each with unique terrain, ranging from arctic wasteland to lands of fire and lava. Whilst each of the robot soldiers is capable of performing up to forty different actions, they each posses a unique personality trait, adding another dimension to the tactical gameplay; will they carry our your orders and march into the jaws of hell, or will they chicken and run?

Your robot soldiers wield a heavy arsenal of weapons and navigate the environments in jeeps, three different types of tank and armoured personal carriers. Capture and control installations including factories where you manufacture robots and vehicles, radar and repair facilities. Play out your own strategy, but receive spoken prompts from robot leaders.

Download now for £4.99/$6.99 for Mac from the Mac App Store!

Grab a copy for Blackberry Playbook from Blackberry App World!

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