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Z Multiplayer out now on iOS!

The entire Sector Z army is geared up for the biggest upgrade since it’s mobile revival, command and conquer territories from your family, friends or foes with Z The Game Multiplayer!

Gather your grunts, and get ready for multiplayer warfare, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad can now play “Z” head to head against their Game Centre friends.

This Update to the seminal Bitmap title places the gamer in a multiplayer breathtaking race to capture territory and resources in real-time from their Game Centre opponent. By taking control of an army of six different types of robot soldiers, including the faithful grunt, you will slug it out in a land grab for space supremacy across five planets, each with unique terrain, ranging from arctic wasteland to lands of fire and lava. Whilst each of the robot soldiers is capable of performing up to forty different actions, they possess a unique personality trait, adding another dimension to the tactical gameplay; will they carry our your orders and march into the jaws of hell, or will they chicken and run?

Our developer partner Tick Tock Games has also increased the screen resolution on iPhone and iPod Touch which has greatly increased the visible game map. This much requested feature brings the iPhone game play experience closer to the iPad.

“We know the iOS community has been waiting feverishly for Multiplayer “Z” to arrive”, commented Tony Kavanagh. ‘TickTock has used their extensive network programming experience to make this possible.’

Updated Game features:

  • Real-time Multiplayer over Wi-Fi.
  • Play Z against your Game Center friends.
  • Five dedicated multiplayer maps.
  • Improved the screen resolution on iPhone/iPod Touch which greatly increases the visible game map.

Z The Game is available on HERE
Visit the official website to learn more HERE
Interact with other players through Facebook HERE