Z out on Android!

We know you’ve been waiting, but we’re sure it will be worth it. Kavcom is proud to announce the release of Z Origins (Z The Game) for Google Android devices.

Z Origins, the seminal capture-em-up title from The Bitmap Brothers is a breathtaking race to capture territory and resources. Take control of an army of six robot soldier types, including the faithful grunt, and slug it out in a land grab for space supremacy across five planets, each with unique terrain, ranging from arctic wasteland to lands of fire and lava. Whilst each of the robot soldiers is capable of performing up to forty different actions, they each posses a unique personality trait, adding another dimension to the tactical gameplay; will they carry our your orders and march into the jaws of hell, or will they chicken and run?

Grab a copy of Z Origins (Z The Game) on Google Play here

Find out more about Z on our mini-site here.

29 Comments to Z out on Android!

  1. Ron

    When will the game be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5

  2. rao renhua

    i love this game, and brought iOS version, i still want an andriod version, i want to known when it would be release .

  3. Decimal

    Would love to see a Z expansion pack with some new levels on Google Play for Android… Willing to pay top dollar :)

  4. thanks !franceIn england, lassen Sie Ihre Haut geworden gesund!

  5. Kyle

    Awesome game!!! I have waited years to play this game again, from my childhood it was on my pc, super happy that I can play it on my Galaxy Note ll any time, anywhere! THANK YOU!

  6. Pablo

    My iPhone is a galaxy s i9000. I purchuased the game but i can’t download it from google play.

  7. Dilgar

    Thank you!

    I loved this game on my old pc and now I can finally play it on a modern device (sgs3)!
    Game works well, quick buttons work well, the game is the same but somehow you managed
    To port it over for a touchscreen without changinv anything, it feels like it would be ment to on touchscreen.

    Ps. As this game is freeware I can report that there is a working version for new windows pcs, free to download.

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