The Lighthouse emerges!

Kavcom are pleased to announce The Lighthouse; a shining example of time management gameplay, is now available to light up the iPad.

As darkness falls, the storm rages, and the fog closes in. Only you can save your ships from the night. The Lighthouse is a beautifully crafted 3D action / time management game set against the chilling backdrop of inhospitable darkness and crashing waves. The intensely addictive collision avoidance gameplay will test a players guile, nerve and strategy.

With its breathtaking visual style, complemented by stunning animations brining monsters of the deep to life, as well as the authentic motion of unrelenting waves, The Lighthouse is pioneering unchartered waters for compelling gameplay on the iPad.

For more details, media and screenshots visit The Lighthouse website.

Grab a copy from the iPad App Store for £2.99

2 Comments to The Lighthouse emerges!

  1. forocomic

    Hi! I see problems with Android version of Z: The Game. Is it posible like other games like GUN BROS that the installer is a 800k file and when you start the game, it download 184 mb of “GLU MOBILE” server to your SDCARD to run? With Z is possible? If the game are 380 mb. you can put the installer in Android market and when the user start Z, download 380 mb. (a few minutes) of your server…..and problems solved! or not?

    Sorry for my english!

    Thanks. Waiting PC version!!!!! =)

    • Android – As previously stated we have completed this version. We are waiting for Google to release/upgrade the app size limit to 2gig from 50meg. I appreciate we could release a small portion of the game through “Android Market” and allow the end user to download the remaining part from a server. We have contacted a number of specialist companies who would handle this for us. the lowest quote was $0.25 per download. None of the companies contacted could offer a service that differentiated between people who had purchased the game from those who had a pirated version. The average ratio of piracy on the Android platform could be as high as 100 pirated versions to each copy purchased . If it is as high as 100-1 we would be paying $25 to the server company against each copy we sell…………result we would be out of business:-)