Z official iPad screenshots

Here’s a further peek at the iPad version of Z, looking good we’re sure you’ll agree!

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  1. Eugen


    Thank you very much ! I want to play it on my android phone and wait for the release?!

  2. Chefken

    Hi there,

    Is Z subbmitted to Apple right now? Is there any update or ETA for release? I can’t wait till i can play the game. Very nice that your team the game Z will turn alive.

  3. Fox

    Hi tony!
    Have you submitted yet?
    Waiting for this awesome game is terrible! :-(
    I hope i can play soon!

    Best Regards


    • Hi Fox

      We are still having some problems. Please be patient, we have spent a long time developing this version which looks awesome but our QA process has highlighted a few minor game play issues.



  4. What will be the official name for ipad? I think it will me impossible to find the game by the letter Z there in itunes? what’s the full name of the game there?

    my old Z fan site is here: http://zsteelsoldiers.narod.ru

    • Hi Bruce

      Only one computer player and no level editor. The plan is to keep updating the game with new content.



    • Hi Mike

      You are correct Apple don’t allow single letter names. With Mike Montgomery’s approval it will be released as, “Z The Game”



  5. Stefan

    The wait is terrible. Any chance that the iOS version will be released this month?

    • I’d sincerely hope so, any chance you could let us know what’s happening?

      • Hi Stefan

        The plan is to submit this week



        • Fantastic news!! :)

        • Eric

          UHHHH THATS GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT. I hope Apple will release it soon….

  6. Bruce

    Can the human player play against more than one computer player?

    Are you going to include the level editor in the game?

    Will you be adding the extra levels from Z95?

  7. Eric

    I Love Z, hope you release it soon….And please add a good Multiplayer…
    Will you support the game later with new maps and units?

    • Hi Eric

      Multiplayer will be added if not on release it will definitely be in the first update. We need the game to be a success to continue supporting it. Obviously we believe it will be are we wouldn’t have spent eighteen months developing it:-)



  8. Daniel

    Hi Tony,
    Just a suggestion for the demo. What if you just have level 5 playable like in the original demo of Z? That level showcased most of the important units such as the medium tank, toughs, snipers, etc. Looking forward to the release date of this awesome game :)


  9. Bruce

    My email to you gets ignored, my post on this site gets ignored. What is the point of having these features if you are just going to ignore people!

    • Hi Bruce

      Please accept my apology your post should have been replayed to sooner. I hope you provide us with feedback as requested in my late reply to your first post.



  10. Hi again. Still waiting for this. Have you guys made a twitter account we can follow? Has the game been sent inn to aple ?

    Sorry for being impatient. But this is one of my all time favorites.